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Different Vamp Lengths and Shapes

RP Pointe Shoe Vamps

Why does Russian Pointe offer different vamp lengths and shapes?

The vamp of a pointe shoe refers to the length of the toe box and satin from the toe platform to the opening of the shoe (the throat). Russian Pointe’s array of vamp shapes and lengths allows the dancer to customize the appearance and functionality of the pointe model she chooses.

Vamp shape
Every Russian Pointe pointe model comes with the option of either a V-cut vamp with no drawstring, or a U-cut vamp with an elastic drawstring. Each of these options provides slightly different support as well as a different appearance.

U-cut vamps have a more contemporary, athletic appearance and expose more of the foot. Although every fit should be achieved without the drawstring, it can be helpful for refining the way the shoe clings to the foot around the binding, reducing any minor gapping of the fabric.

V-cut vamps have a more classically elegant appearance and cover more of the sides of the metatarsal area of the toes, with a slight, V-shaped dip in the center. This shape can be helpful for dancers with high insteps who want the security of a longer vamp with less restriction in the fullest, central area.

Vamp length
The length of the vamp is primarily based on the length of the toes. Russian Pointe’s medium vamp (V2) accommodates the majority of dancers, but those with shorter toes may choose V1 and those with longer toes may choose V3.

Technical needs can also affect vamp choice. Sometimes, a lower vamp can help dancers who have trouble reaching full pointe. Dancers with weaker or more flexible feet might want a higher vamp for stronger support.

When the vamp shape and length are chosen correctly, the vamp supports the foot without restraining movement.