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  1. Empowerment in Dance

    Empowerment in Dance

    Empowered women, empower women. RP is
    dedicated to empowering all types of women; women who own businesses, women
    entrepreneurs, women who dance, and so many others.

    In order to empower RP dancers, we interviewed one of our highly esteemed RP Teachers, Cory-Jeanne M. Houck-Cox.

    empowers you?

    Being an empowered woman is the ability to live my life as I
    choose and being willing to focus and work hard for what I desire and believe
    in, as well as learning from previous failures. 
    During my career as a student and professional, I had several devasting
    and debilitating injuries to my ankles and then, neck. Two and a half years on
    crutches, 22 casts, 2 surgeries, followed later by fractured vertebras and 2 ½

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  2. Congratulations at YAGP in January & February

    Congratulations at YAGP in January & February

    We would like to recognize our RP Dancers & RP Artists who competed at YAGP in January & February!

    . . .

    Amber Huebner @werk.amber - (Los Angeles, Las Vegas,
    Seattle) 2nd Place Senior Classical & Top 12 Senior Contemporary

    Fancisco Schilereff @fschilereff – (Denver, Colorado) 1st
    Place Senior Division, Male Classical Division

    Farrah Hirsch @farrahhirsch – (Las Vegas, NV) 2nd Junior
    Contemporary & Top 12 Classical

    Kara Nelson @livelovedance_2003 – (Houston, TX) Had an
    amazing experience at my first YAGP ever!

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  3. The Best Ways To Prepare For Competitions

    The Best Ways To Prepare For Competitions

    Competitions can be stressful and intimidating. But they don’t have to be if you prepare correctly and have the right tools for the job! RP is dedicated to providing you with high quality, innovative products that will help you reach your goals.

    In order to provide the best advice on competition prep, we consulted with three of our highly esteemed RP Teachers: Alexei Kremnev, Anna Reznik, and Stephanie Murrish.

    What is the best way to handle competition

    “Being well prepared,” says
    Reznik and Kremnev. They also mention that it is important to “have realistic
    expectations,” in order to keep nerves at bay and prevent disappointment.  Reznik and Kremnev add, “view each competition
    as a positive learning experience.”

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  4. Using RP Kinesiology Tape

    Using RP Kinesiology Tape

    with Dr. Lisa M. Schoene


    In recent years, kinesiology tape has taken the athletic world by storm. Russian Pointe talked with dance specialist Dr. Lisa M. Schoene to learn more about the hows and whys of this wonderful tool.

    Dr. Schoene has used kinesiology tape for years, and she has lectured and written about its effects. In the early 2000s, she took an in-depth course with the company that made the original tape, designed by Dr. Kenzo Kase. Dr. Kase, a practitioner of chiropractic and acupuncture in the U.S and Japan, invented the tape with careful specifications of design and materials, including acrylic glue and the wavelike pattern on the sticky side.

    What is it for?

    Dr. Schoene explains that properly applied kinesiology tape can help ease pain, prevent muscle fatigue, restore muscle function, maintain

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  5. How to stand out at your summer intensive

    How to stand out at your summer intensive

    You worked hard all year, you were accepted into some of your favorite summer intensives, you chose an intensive (or two), and finally you arrived, with bulging bags of new pointe shoes (Russian Pointe, of course) and extra tights.

    Now, it’s time to put your “best foot forward” by working hard and learning as much as you can. Your summer teachers are meeting dozens or hundreds of new dancers, so it’s important to think about how you can make the best possible impression – whether you’re hoping for an invitation into year-round studies or an apprenticeship or simply the unique guidance that a great teacher can provide when he or she takes an interest in you.

    For expert guidance on how to stand out this summer, we turned to two inspirational artistic directors, Alexandra Koltun of Koltun Ballet Boston and Anna Reznik of Chicago-based A&A Ballet.

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  6. RP Pro Anneke De Jong

    RP Pro Anneke De Jong

    RP Pro Anneke De Jong is a company artist with Magnum Opus in Madison, Wisconsin. She is from Stillwater, Minnesota and her training has included prestigious intensives throughout the country and abroad.

    “Be light”

    Anneke’s early inspiration came from two teachers, one of whom she still works with occasionally. The other fought a 12-year battle with breast cancer, while teaching and running a studio. “She taught me so much including fortitude and grace under pressure,” Anneke says. “Her motto was ‘Be light.’ I learned so much about ballet, plus so many life lessons, inside that small studio, in a repurposed 130-year-old church that became a second home and family.”

    As a teen, Anneke drew further inspiration from Gelsey Kirkland, whose summer intensive she attended for two years. “Her artistry as a teacher and mentor helped me find and define my heart, my passion, and my expression,”

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  7. When to use Vamp Elastic

    When to use Vamp Elastic

    Russian Pointe is all about helping dancers find their perfect fit, so we are delighted to hear how RP Vamp Elastic is helping some dancers refine the fit and support of their pointe shoes.

    Adrienne Kerr, Ballet Idaho principal dancer and RP Pro, and RP Artist Beverly Abbott both started using vamp elastic last year. Both dancers were looking for extra support without restriction to their hard-working feet.

    Discovering RP Vamp Elastic

    Adrienne had known about vamp elastic for years but never tried it. “A lot of European dancers use it,” she notes. When she was experiencing metatarsal pain and noticed that she was going through shoes quickly, she thought of vamp elastic as a possible

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  8. Welcome to 2018, Russian Pointe's 20th Anniversary Year

    Welcome to 2018, Russian Pointe's 20th Anniversary Year





    For over two decades, I have had the privilege of growing my company while watching the landscape change for female leaders. Today, more than ever before, women play key

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  9. RP Artist Carolin Koepplin

    RP Artist Carolin Koepplin

    RP Artist Carolin Koepplin is a soloist with Ballet Fantastique in Eugene, Oregon. In her interview with RP, Cari talks about her journey to professional dance, where she finds inspiration, and how her Rubins support her with a perfect fit.

    Early days

    “Whenever I look back on my early training I feel so blessed and lucky,” Cari says. “My home town, though big by Idaho standards, is quite small.” She recalls driving four hours to Boise or Salt Lake City to see performances. “But when I was three my Mom just happened to befriend Deborah Bean, who opened the Idaho Falls School of Ballet and started providing really high-caliber training.”

    Although she was devoted to ballet, Cari says she didn’t know what being a professional dancer really meant. “I had no clue what I was getting into, how hard it would be to get a job, or what the dance world was like outside my little pond. All I knew was that I loved

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  10. Why Use Vamp Elastic

    Why Use Vamp Elastic

    How can vamp elastic help dancers on pointe?

    Vamp elastic can provide added support and length to the vamp, to help cover and support the metatarsal area and instep. For many dancers, vamp elastic can make all the difference!

    Who should use

    Using vamp elastic is a matter of personal preference and knowledge of your needs. Dancers who have gotten to know their feet and shoes can try this method for customizing the length and functionality of the vamp.

    Many dancers who choose vamp elastic have very mobile feet, high arches, long toes or arches that “break” high up the foot. These dancers might experience their metatarsal joints popping out of the vamp on pointe, or their feet rolling over too far, even in a shoe with a long/high vamp. Vamp elastic provides support with less restriction so that a dancer can move smoothly through demi-pointe but feel extra support on pointe.

    Vamp elastic can also provide a happy medium

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